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Applying for a puppy
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Please Fill out this to help me understand you and what you are looking for in a puppy.

Please copy the questionnaire below (highlight and copy), paste it into an Email message, fill in your answers and E-Mail it back to us.  Thank you.


Family name/s:


City & Prov/State

Phone #:


1) Have you or your family ever had a dog before? ___________________________________

What happened to it/them? _____________________________________________________

Did you raise the dog from puppy hood or obtain it at an older age? _______________________

Do you have any other animals in your home? ______________________________________

If yes, what type, ages, spayed/neutered? __________________________________________

Have you ever had to euthanize a puppy or dog other than for old age? _____________________

If so, please explain: ___________________________________________________________

 2) Tell us a little bit about your family:

How many children, ages? _____________________________________________________

What type of work/or work hours in a typical week. __________________________________

Is there someone at home every day? ________________If so, who? ____________________

If not, who will care for the puppy during the day? ____________________________________

Where would the puppy or dog be housed during the day if no one were home? _______________ __________________________________________________________________________

 3) Do you or your family have any special hobbies? (Boating, golf, motorcycling, etc) __________


 4) Do you or anyone in your family plan on taking this puppy to obedience class? ______________

 5) Who is the person responsible for 50% or more of the care of the puppy? _________________

 6) Who is the person/or persons responsible for the decision to purchase a new puppy? __________

 7) Tell us a little bit about where you live:

Do you own or rent where you presently reside? _____________________ if you rent have you discussed having a dog with your current landlord? ________________________________________

Country, city, apartment, etc. _____________________________________________________

Do you have a fenced yard, if so please describe? ____________________________________

 If not, are you willing to put up a kennel run? _____________

If you live in an apartment do you have an area for housebreaking or will you paper train until the puppy has all it's shots (please describe)? ____________________________________________________________________

Do you agree to never allow the dog to run loose or to be tied in the yard? ____________________

 8) Do you have a veterinarian already or have you contacted one for when the puppy arrives?


 9) What will you do with the puppy when you are away? ________________________________

 10) Are you planning on crate-training this puppy? _______

        If "NO", please explain______________________________________________________

 11) If you have small children are you prepared to watch them interact with the puppy every time or crate the puppy so no harm comes to either the child or the pup? ___________________________

 12) What will you do if this puppy chews your favourite pair of shoes/couch/TV remote? ____________________________________________________________________________

 13) How long do you expect it to take for this puppy to be adequately housetrained? ___________

 14) Are you prepared to have a “puppy” that weighs 65-80 pounds yet still thinks he/she needs to be in your lap while watching TV?  _________________________________________________

 15) Are you prepared to spend the next 10-15 years caring for this puppy; feeding, exercising, grooming, veterinary care?  _______________________________________________________

16) If need be will you agree to call the breeder to place the dog if your situation warrants the change or you cannot keep the dog of any reason? ___________________________________________

17) Does anyone in your family have allergies, asthma, etc? ______________________________

18) Will you obtain shots, rabies, license, etc for the puppy? ______________________

19) Will you let the breeder know of any problems that may develop with the pup over his/her lifetime? _____________________________________________________________________

20) If you have a swimming pool in your backyard are you prepared to take the necessary precautions during the times you are not around to watch the pup/dog in or around the pool? (i.e. fencing, closed gates, heavy-duty winter cover or locked gates) ______________________

 21) Will you agree to have this puppy spayed/neutered by 12 months of age? ______________

 22) Is there anyone in your family that does not want a new puppy or is undecided about this puppy? ______________________________________________________________________

23) Will you promise to send photos of the puppy as he/she grows up and older? ___________  

24) Will you promise to inform the breeder of all changes of address and phone number for the lifetime of the dog? ____________________________________________________________

25) Will you make every effort in attending at least one full session of puppy kindergarten or beginner obedience class with this puppy? __________________________________________

26) Will you agree to provide the dog with proper housing, food and veterinary care for its lifetime? _____________________________________________________________________

27) Do you agree not to let this dog ride in the back on an open vehicle? _________

28) Will you guarantee that the dog is being purchased for your own ownership and that you are not acting as an intermediary for, nor will the buyer transfer ownership to, any owner, employee, agent or individual connected with a pet shop, puppy mill or wholesaler of dogs (anyone who buys puppies in litter lots or trades puppies for articles or services).


 29) Please list three references with names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc who we may contact regarding your ownership of a new puppy. Also, your vet’s name and phone number would be greatly appreciated.





30) What type of puppy are you interested in? Companion, obedience, conformation, agility?


31) Do you have a sex preference for your puppy? ____________________________________

32) Why do you want a German shepherd? ___________________________________________

33) What is the most important reason for purchasing a German Shepherd (please "X" all that apply): family companion__________ show dog________ breeding prospects _______ obedience competition_________ tracking/search &rescue__________ agility/flyball competition________ pet therapy _______.

34) Would you be willing to let the breeder or a friend of the breeders come to visit the puppy or dog to see how it is working out in it's new home? _________________________________________

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your family or what you are looking for or expecting in this dog? ___________________________________________________________


Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire.  Please e-mail it back to us.  If you decide you are interested in possibly being placed on the waiting list, please contact us for a phone interview.  It will give us a chance to ask you a few more questions so we know exactly what you are looking for in your new puppy. When placing our puppies we do not work on a first come first serve basis, we will look at the lifestyle of each new potential home and match the best puppy to that home. We use temperament testing and individual evaluation to help assist in placing the right puppy with the right home for the best possible match.  We do take your considerations into account when choosing the puppies but the most important thing for us is to place the right puppy into your home. We have found this has been the best way to place the puppies into their new homes, and we hope that the puppy that is chosen for your home will be a welcomed addition to your lives

Nightmoves Shepherds